Swimming Pools

The Revelation by Vogue

Aluminum / Resin Salt Water Friendly Pool Wall


Built using the latest top-of-the-line technology, the Revelation above ground pool by Vogue is just that: a fresh blend of good looks, great design, and long-lasting quality. 

Vogue Impulse Key Features:


  • Aircraft Quality Rust Free Aluminum Wall

  • 8-inch injection-molded resin top ledge

  • Incorporated multi-ribbed supports for optimum stability

  • 6" injection-molded upright - extra strong!

  • Three-dimensional injection molding means greater detail and solidity

  • Stylish metallic ring at the top of the upright

  • Resin wall channel at both the top and the bottom

  • Smooth, undulated shape increases pool strength

  • Larger support tab for greater stability

  • Built-in drainage slot prevents wall corrosion

  • Wall clip permits stability despite ground changes

  • Upper joiner plate screws to top ledge and upright using a simple top-down system

  • Over-sized upper joiner plate ensures greater stability for top ledge

  • Upper plate in a complementary shade to top ledge for contrast and style

  • Bottom joiner plate attaches to uprights using a snap-in system, no hardware required

  • Smooth and quick installation

  • Made of resin - corrosion-proof

  • Braceless supports on the oval models - no wide side struts

  • 30-year warranty: 5 full years and 25 years at 50%

The Simbio

The Vogue Metal Wall Pool gives you the best of outdoor living as a true hybrid pool that combines steel structure for durability and strength along with tough, yet pliable resin for more comfort.  Pool features advanced engineered 7-inch injected resin top ledges & 7-inch steel uprights.   The resin ledges also have no sharp corners or edges to tear your wintertime pool cover. In summer’s high temperatures, you’ll also enjoy the resin ledges that, unlike heat conductive steel, are cooler to touch.



Metal wall with 20 mil vinyl liner

Wall height:

52″ walls

Round sizes:

12′, 15 ‘, 18′, 21′, 24′, 27′, 30′ & 33’

Oval sizes:

12′ X 23′, 15’x26′, 15′ X 30′ and 18′ X 33′


4 years full warranty 100%

40% discount on any replacement parts for life by original owner (non-transferable)