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Pre Opening!!! yes there is such a thing

Hello Pool Owners!

Its March 31st and almost time to open the pool!!

But before you open the pool, there are a few things that you'll need to do before you get it open.

First, I suggest that you dig around in the garage or shed and find the pool brush, net and the pole. After that you might need to do the same for your hoses and clamps for those of you have above ground pools. Now take the pole and brush you found and grab the net too, and head out to the pool so you can start prepping the pool to open it.

First things first..

take a deep breath and just remember how much you love your pool... the first step could challenge that mentality.. LOL

1. Seriously though this step is probably most important... You will be cleaning off the cover! Simply net or brush all the debris off the cover. it may take time and seem like a waste of time, but believe me it will save heartache and headache later.

2. Pump as much of the nasty stuff left behind off the cover. Be careful though, you are draining the pool with this step. The goal here is to get as much of the nasties off now so it doesn't end up in the pool later.

3. Inspect all your "stuff", From your hoses and clamps to your skimmer and pump baskets, even turn the pump on just to make sure its running this year, lude your O-rings and replace your pressure gauge.

Following these steps a week or so before you open the pool will save you a lot of headaches and may even save you some money...

Good luck and have a safe and fun summer!!!

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