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When is to early to pen the pool?

That's a great question, but it an easy one. Anytime you want is the basic answer depending on your geographical area, that is.

However, there are some things to cross off before you do.

In the Ohio Valley where I am, anytime after mid March is ok. You want to get through the worst of the winter first. In Wisconsin for example, you might wait until mid April, In New York, Late April. It just depends on your area and personal preference.

The rule of thumb is open early close late.

You want to open before the water starts to heat up and close after the water has cooled down.

Salt doesn't register in the generator until the water temp is 70 degrees so you will need to use chlorine until then.

So if you want to take the cover off and start go ahead...

The next topic: OPENING DAY!

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