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About Backyard Oasis

Let me tell you a little about us...

My name is Randy and I am the owner of Backyard Oasis in Bardstown, KY; home of My Old Kentcky Home State Park and to some of you, more importantly The Bourbon Capital of the World!!!! Together with my Son Brandon, who someday wants to sit in the big chair, we do our best to make sure your pool is taken care of.


Backyard Oasis has been a dream of mine since 2007. I started working for pool store in 2003 while there I managed the day to day operation for about 4 years and had a ball. Life changes forced me to move on but the bug had bitten me. For the next 7 years really all I did was sit at my home office and design and plan for my chance to open my own pool store. Then the owner of the original pool store called me out of the blue and asked me if I wanted to buy him out. I was shocked but excited, thrilled and scared at the same time. But I took the plunge bought the business, changed the name and went to work. The first 3 or 4 years was a little rough being back in the pool game, I had a lot of remembering to do. The last ew years have been even harder simply because our growth was far more than I could have expected. We Have grown to the point that we are ready to open our store again. So come along with us on the freight train known as Backyard Oasis!!!

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